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1. Helium tanks  (See rental vendors list)(Discuss)

2. Concession equipment  (Select specific type)

       Margarita machines  (See rental vendors list)(Discuss)
       Cotton candy machines  (See rental vendors list)(Discuss)
       Popcorn machines  (See rental vendors list)(Discuss)

3. Hot tubs  (See rental vendors list)(Discuss)

4. Inflatable games  (Select specific type)(See rental vendors list)

       Inflatable slides  (See rental vendors list)(Discuss)
       Inflated dancing man  (See rental vendors list)(Discuss)
       Inflatable jumpers  (See rental vendors list)(Discuss)

5. Casino-Indoor games equipment  (Select specific type)(See rental vendors list)

       Bingo equipment  (See rental vendors list)(Discuss)
       Raffle drums  (See rental vendors list)(Discuss)
       Card tables  (See rental vendors list)(Discuss)

6. Games equipment  (Select specific type)(See rental vendors list)

       Spin art games  (See rental vendors list)(Discuss)
       Potato sacks  (See rental vendors list)(Discuss)
       Trampolines  (See rental vendors list)(Discuss)


Synonyms and/or misspellings of entertainment equipment include: Party equipment, Party games.

Subcategories of entertainment equipment include: Helium tanks . Concession equipment includes margarita machines , cotton candy machines , popcorn machines . Hot tubs . Inflatable games includes inflatable slides , inflated dancing man , inflatable jumpers . Casino-Indoor games equipment includes bingo equipment , raffle drums , card tables . Games equipment includes spin art games , potato sacks , trampolines .

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New York City tri-state area: You Rent helps you find vendors for products to rent for your party or event. Although we do not emphasize rentals in the New York City metro area, You Rent does includes listings from a number of vendors covering the tri-state area, including the boroughs of New York City, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.
You Rent may also feature vendors covering suburbs of New York City such as Belleville NJ, Bridgewater NJ, Chappaqua NY, East Orange NJ, Edison NJ, Flushing NY, Hempstead NY, Jamaica NY, Jersey City NJ, Long Island NY, Maspeth NY, Newark NJ, New Brunswick NJ, Nutley NJ, Passaic NJ, Ridgewood NY, South Ozone Park NY, South Richmond Hill NY, Springfield Gardens NY, Union NJ, Wayne NJ, West Orange NJ, Westbury NY, White Plains NY, Woodside NY, and Yonkers NY.

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