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Messages about this rental product:

1. My price range is 20 just it need it from 10 to 1 at night

Hi I am looking for hall to throw a new year eve party on 12-31-2015 something cheap hold 200 ppl or 150
Sender: Dominique  [4929] (11/11/2015)

2. My price range is 20 just it need it from 10 to 1 at night

Hi I am looking for hall to throw a new year eve party on 12-31-2015 something cheap hold 200 ppl or 150
Sender: Dominique  [4928] (11/11/2015)

3. My price range is 20 just it need it from 10 to 1 at night

Hi I am looking for hall to throw a new year eve party on 12-31-2015 something cheap hold 200 ppl or 150
Sender: Dominique  [4927] (11/11/2015)

4. Summer Camp

Looking to rent a small room to run my summer camp out of. The days are M-F from 9am-6pm for ten weeks.
Sender: Jessica  [4770] (5/14/2013)

5. Daughters 1st birthday party....

My daughter s 1st birthday party.... Hello I am looking to rent out a place for my daughter s 1st birthday party. I need a place that already comes with tables and chairs. If there is a kitchen that will be great. It s for about 100 guests. I need the place for Sat.April.14,2012 for about 6hrs. If you have any information feel free to contact me ASAP. Thank You!
Sender: Emelisa.F  [4492] (2/16/2012)

6. Kids birthday parties

Looking to rent open space or with kids table and chairs only on weekends, sat and sun for a kids birthday parties approx 10am - 7pm, within 75 miles around Chicago, IL 60643 (Chicago and suburbs). Thank you. Contact me at:
Sender: Tammy  [4435] (1/16/2012)

7. baby shower

need a hall asap for the date of feb.4,2012
Sender: samira  [4411] (12/14/2011)

8. 18th birthday party

looking for place to have party
Sender: Asia  [4385] (11/1/2011)

9. Contact info for lead [4274] from

Posted by (name): Dominique. Email address: or 630 825 4203 Phone Number: Summary: paryt. Budget: . Full Message: what is the cost to rent the room out and how late can i stay
Sender: Dominique  [4275] (4/6/2011)

10. 1,100 sq. ft. Private Event Loft for up to 45 guests. Flexible Pricing from $200 Per Hour +

Great NYC Midtown Location on 38th Street, just steps away from Fifth Avenue Sound System and full lighting effects+ DJ Booth, Magnificent brick entrance bridging into an open space with full spectrum artwork; on the right a custom made round table sits next to a cozy Egyptian Style VIP room - Loud music ok -flexible Time Email me
Sender: La Galeria Loft -917-497-0134  [4236] (3/25/2011)

11. please and thank you

i would like a fun place to rent out for a dance party where we could rent games (from other places). and the room could hold around 50 people
Sender: madison siler  [4189] (2/19/2011)


I am looking for all vendors that are interested in selling things at our health fair 6/7/2011 10-3 please call me to fill out your paperwork. Hurry while there is still time. $100 for your table. 773-709-0885. For our scholarship program.
Sender: Gail Carr  [4186] (2/18/2011)

13. Queen Esther s Jewels

Queen Esther s Jewels, up to the minute in fashion and for all ages! Very affordable and beautiful. I am interested in find events where I can set up a table of Queen Esther s Jewels.
Sender: Jennifer Achille  [4065] (10/17/2010)

14. please

i need a cheap party rental hall assap
Sender: love  [4035] (9/25/2010)

15. 24 hours Catering Service

For those who are planning a wedding, event, party, etc. and need a caterer. We are available 24 hours a day to assist you. We work with every budget, we have great food and wonderful customer service. Call us today 312-498-8814. We are based in chicago and we do travel outside city limits to assist our clients. We guarantee this will be one of the best calls you made this year. Email us
Sender: D-Ice Catering  [3915] (5/21/2010)

16. thank you

i m looking for a wedding hall to rent with tables and chairs round. without foood or veberage for the capacity of 600+.thank you
Sender: rosa ramirez  [3447] (10/6/2009)

17. halls for rent at convenient prices

halls for rent at convenient prices. chicago 60634
Sender: gabriel  [3037] (3/9/2009)

18. Rental space available on southside of Chicago

Have rental space available southside of Chicago around 63rd and Western. Reasonable rental fee to fit your budget. Parking area, dry bar, kitchen. 50 people. email: Nate Metcalf at
Sender: Nate Metcalf  [2800] (11/19/2008)

19. N E State Cateres

A Southern Taste Of Heaven where your 1 bite away from heaven. please call 224-430-7601 for all your catering needs. we do birthdays, weddings, retirements, and office parties
Sender: Chef Andre Palmer  [2550] (9/4/2008)

20. A place to host a party of 400 or more guest

Im looking for a place to throw a party hosting at least 400 guest. We have security and everything else under control, just waiting on a price.
Sender: DJ Prodigy  [2462] (6/18/2008)

21. Hall for parties at Jerome School in Chicago

At St. Jerome School in Chicago (60616) they have a big school hall. They rent out for parties, wedding receptions, etc. The website is: They have a max of about 200. If you live in Central Stickney= (60638), You do have to be a resident of Central Stickney though. you can rent out the Park District. They have a max. 80 people.
Sender: Kelly  [2260] (2/27/2008)

22. Suggestion for Room 43 in Chicago

For a party room, may I suggest Room 43 Located on 1039-1043 E 43rd Street, Chicago, IL. Two Rooms - 300 Capacity for 2,000 for 6 Hours or 150 Capacity 1,000 for 6 Hours. The latest you can hold your event is to 2am. Kind Regards!
Sender: Cindy P  [2257] (2/26/2008)

23. Chicago Park District

Hello Emily, I have been searching all day for a hall. I came across the Chicago Park District. They rent out small rooms for about 30$ dollars an hour. One I called was 30$ dollars for two hours. However go to the website chicago park district. You can look for the parks that are close to the area code you need. My cousin had a baby shower in one two years ago. It was really nice.
Sender: Jackie  [1745] (9/20/2007)

24. Hall Information

Check out the Park District Fieldhouses in your City. There is a location on Milwaukee & Montrose. On Fridays & Sundays $500 til 1 a.m. Also if you are looking for Decor call 773-802-3261. Thanks
Sender: Zulma  [1047] (4/10/2007)

25. Off-site caterer

Jewell Events Catering, an off-site high-end caterer, has been serving Chicagoland areas for the past four decades.
Sender: Jewell Events Catering  [1046] (4/10/2007)

26. Products to rent for your party or event

Many users want rental products, e.g., hall, catering, or equipment, for their parties or events, e.g., a birthday party, wedding, sports event, conference meeting, training or moving.
Find it all here: Select an event, click on products to see products to rent for that event, sorted by popularity. Products for rent include party rental items, halls, catering, sound, light, housing, services, limousines, and services based in/around Chicago.
Sender:  [126] (6/23/2006)


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